Reasons To Be Mindful

Rob Gordon | Stop Thinking, Start Living

October 12, 2020


Rob Gordon was introduced to meditation early in his career through reading about the practices of successful businesspeople, but only came to find the true personal value to him during his recovery from deep depression. Mindfulness is now a daily practice for Rob, enabling him to better manage his mental health and create space between his thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

In this episode Rob talks about how he brings mindfulness into every part of his day and how he sees his meditation practice as an act of deep self-love, rendering him a more effective, creative and a nicer person for himself, his family and his business, and ultimately making his life more pleasant and his business more successful.


Don’t miss:

  • Why meditation is a decision that can save or make your business a lot of money.
  • How Rob punctuates his day with moments of mindfulness.
  • Rob’s car metaphor for looking after your mind.
  • Why Rob’s practice benefits his family.
  • Robs tips for living in the present moment.


PLUS, hear why Rob’s practice is an act of deep self-love.  


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Produced by Jen Hill on Kaurna land. Music by Gary Martin.


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