Reasons To Be Mindful

Tim James | You Are Not Your Mind

October 19, 2020


From CEO and corporate gun to meditation teacher and nature lover, Tim James has followed an interesting career path; one that passed through burnout, stress and depression and ultimately led him back to (him)Self. Tim shares how learning about meditation was a revelation for him at a time when he was low, unclear and needing a change in life.

In this episode, Tim talks about his experience of mindfulness, self-inquiry and the nature of who we are. Tim also discusses some of the common misconceptions about meditation and mindfulness and how it is not as woo-woo, difficult or unrelatable as one might think.


Don’t miss:

  • Tim’s tips on dealing with thoughts during meditation.
  • How meditation helped Tim work out what he wanted to do with his life.
  • How mindfulness can help you through and out of low points in life.
  • Tim's perspective on self-inquiry, what it is and how to practice it.

PLUS, Tim shares one essential insight that transforms everything in life! 


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Produced by Jen Hill on Kaurna land. Music by Gary Martin.


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